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A Success Story

Libermac’s history is confused with the very history of the commercial automation market in Brazil. Since 1987, we have helped thousands of businessmen improve the quality of their business management and customer service, treating each project as unique, tailoring software, hardware and the service package to their needs.

Throughout these years, we have formed much more than a fantastic team of collaborators. We form a family fully identified with the values ​​that surround us since our foundation: respect for the client, commitment to their project and dedication to serve you before and with higher quality than expected.

To put our values ​​into practice, we have more than 100 employees, one of the best service centers in Brazil, strategic partnerships such as the GBA Group, through which we serve more than 70% of the national territory with local teams and solid relationship with manufacturers as Daruma, Toshiba, Bematech, Sweda, Zebra, Datalogic, Blendtec and many others.

Bring your project to discuss with us. We will certainly help you!


Be recognized as the best partner of entrepreneurs who seek to improve their management or better serve their clients in Brazil.


Tailor the design of our customers to their real need and deliver it with more quality than expected.


  • Treat our collaborations as a family;
  • Respect the client and the amount invested in the Project;
  • Treat our Client’s Project as if it were ours;
  • Deliver projects with quality above expectations;


The commercial automation market has undergone accelerated and relevant changes in recent years. Margins are gradually falling, and the regulatory actions of the states are moving towards a drastic change in relation to the main product of our segment, the “ECF”. These facts will surely impact significantly the turnover of resellers, manufacturers and distributors.

The “Brazil Automation Group – GBA” was conceived by some of Brazil’s leading Automated Value Added Resellers, whose main objective is to discuss the common difficulties encountered by the segment, addressing the issue from the point of view of the reseller, seeking alternatives feasible for the professionalization of our sector.



Integrated Services

Does your company have a large number of stores spread across several locations in Brazil and you want to talk to a single company that has the capacity and structure to meet aggressive SLAs? Does your project involve a Roll Out of great complexity, with many equipment, points of sale and stores?

Libermac has a highly qualified service team for large projects involving exchanges of equipment and software parks and attendance with aggressive SLAs, with 24 × 7 staff available. If the project requests, we can allocate teams to our clients and, through our strategic alliance with GBA – Grupo Brasil de Automação , we have partners for service throughout the national territory.

Dia Brasil

  • Equipment from international suppliers not established in Brazil with Spanish Automation Software. Through our regional partners trained and managed by Libermac, we provide a national service network for maintenance and replacement of these CPUs;
  • We participate in the Homologation and Supply of specific equipment and parts imported to attend to other items of the POS and the Infra of the Client, such as racks, switches and others;
  • We provide SLA service of up to 06 hours in each of the 1,300 PDVs scattered throughout Brazil.


  • Advice to the Accounting Office chosen by the customer in Brazil, since Autozone was its first retail customer;
  • Assistance in the homologation of Autozone’s POS Software to Brazilian Tax Legislation;
  • Provision of Equipment and Integration with Autozone Cash Front Software;
  • On-demand service for equipment problems.



Does your project require a high degree of customization? Do you need to deal with international suppliers not established in Brazil and are you afraid of post-purchase? Do you have difficulty nationalizing imported products that you need to use? Do you have tax and tax questions to establish your new business? We are passionate about this type of Project.

Libermac has the expertise to implement complex projects. We take care of nationalization and logistics of delivering the products, we seek technical qualification of our customer service team for deployment and after sales in hardware and software, we train the key users of the client, etc …

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